Highspeed AD/DA Card

/Highspeed AD/DA Card
  • HiSpeed ADA-GPIO

Highspeed AD/DA Card

Support HSMC or GPIO interface

Two 14-bit AD/DA converters

DSP Applications

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Product Description

Highspeed AD/DA Card

  • Double the channel
  • Double the power
  • In an unbelievable compact size

The THDB_ADA (ADA) daughter board is designed to provide DSP solution on DE series and Cyclone III Starter Kit, or other boards with HSMC or GPIO interface.


Highspeed AD/DA Card

  • Dual AD channels with 14-bit resolution and data rate up to 65 MSPS
  • Dual DA channels with 14-bit resolution and data rate up to 125 MSPS
  • Dual interfaces include HSMC and GPIO, which are fully compatible with Cyclone III Starter Kit and DE0/DE1/DE2/DE3 etc, respectively C
  • lock sources include oscillator 100MHz, SMA for AD and DA each, and PLL from either HSMC or GPIO interface
  • Size:90.3*78.2 mm


  • Low cost oscilloscope and pattern generator
  • Communication Transceiver
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Platform for various modulation techniques


Highspeed AD/DA Card Documents

THDB-ADB User Guide


Kit contents

  • One ADA Board
  • One System CD