MAX V CPLD Development Kit

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MAX V CPLD Development Kit

Helps with design development for the 5M570Z CPLD

Interfaces to external functions and devices, via four connectors

Users are able to reuse the kit’s PCB board and schematic as model for designs

Measures CPLD power (VCCINT and VCCIO)

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Product Description

 MAX V CPLD Development Kit Description

Altera’s MAX V CPLD development kit, from the market’s leading supplier of CPLDs, provides a comprehensive, low-cost hardware platform to quickly begin developing low-cost, low-power CPLD designs.

The development board was designed to prototype the most common CPLD applications, including I/O expansion, interface bridging, power management control, configuration and initialization control, and analog interface control.


  • RoHS-compliant MAX V development board
  • MAX V CPLD (5M570Z, 256-pin FBGA, -5 speed)
  • Configuration via embedded USB-BlasterTM circuitry (JTAG)
  • 10-MHz single-ended, external oscillator clock source
  • Shunt resistors (probe points to measure CPLD power)
  • One capacitive touch-sense user-defined button
  • Two user-defined push buttons
  • Two user-defined LEDs


  • Two general-purpose 2×20-pin 0.1-inch expansion headers
  • 4-pin PC speaker header
  • Two 6-pin motor control headers
  • Type B USB connector (power source and communication port)
  • USB cable included
  • Footprints for user to install an I2C serial EEPROM or SPI EEPROM